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Since you are here, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Minos and I'm a half-blooded Dutchy with Mediterranean roots, raised in Amsterdam for the most part.


I'm actually an IT professional, accustomed to working in highly professional environments mostly in the corporate services world. However, I also very much like to express my creative side using Photography, with specific appreciation for Interior Design and Architecture.

I have successfully completed a number of courses recently including a short HBO program encompassing Architectural analysis and Technical drawing at the NTI institute and the Interior Photography course at the Photo-academy in Amsterdam.


My interests are broad, ranging from Art-Nouveau and Modernist architecture to high-tech post-modernism and have a guilty pleasure in yacht in- and exteriors.


For those interested, here's another thought:

In a world that is constantly changing and where everything seems to become more and more virtual and artificial, it is sometimes easy to take the material world for granted.

However, to achieve all this requires vision and enormous effort, coupled with dedication and perseverance. Whether it's an all-encompassing architectural plan, the supporting infrastructure, a finely tuned interior, or a carefully developed piece of furniture or detail.

I believe these creations, small or large, should be given the dedicated and focused attention they deserve.

I keep this in mind in my photography, trying to capture and represent the essence of these creations as intended by the creators.

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